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Plant Pathology is the study of the diseases and disorders of plants. Disease can be defined as a harmful deviation from normal functioning of the physiological processes caused by an infectious agent maybe a fungus, virus, bacterium, insects, flies and /or a parasitic plants.

Objectives of plant pathology unit is to study of origin and causes or reasons of diseases.

1. Study of living, nonliving and other causes of disease or disorder in plants Etiology

2. Study of mechanism of disease development i.e. host and pathogens interactions and pathogenesis at molecular level

3. study the interaction between the causal agent and the diseased plants in relation to environmental conditions.

4. Development of management systems of the diseases land reduction of losses caused by them - Control / Management.

There is a need to cotinuously work on effective prevention and control of crop diseases in different crops. The unit concentrates on viral disease survey, identification of pathogens, the study on pathogen ecology and physiology, and the development of rapid pathogen detection techniques. The detection includes conventional microbiological methods to use of nanotechnology in the detection of viruses. It aims to develop non-chemical disease control measures that involve sanitation, cultural practices, microorganisms, and natural plant formulations. The ultimate goal is to develop safe, environmentally sound disease interventions that are practical, effective, economical and that conserve resources at large. Besides, the unit also conducts training programme on edible mushrooms.