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As the Country grows and expands in different horizons, rural life is also getting changed day by day and the livelihood is also changing. To suit to the requirements there is a need for skill promotion in rural areas to enable individuals to themselves trained in diverse disciplines to earn a decent income for livelihood.

Though agriculture is the main source of livelihoods, rural areas witness changes in income generation pattern through non-farm activities also. Evidence indicate that better education and training could increase the chances of providing high-paying non-farm employment. Also, the penetration of such education is less or nil in rural areas. This increases the migration of individuals / families to nearby cities / town in search of livelihood. Even then they face greater threat when entering the urban areas with limited skills and work experience. 

IFTR strives to improve the Rural Livelihood through various means. One among that is skill development. For this, the volunteers interact with villages/ villagers and local stakeholders and organize the unemployed people including women. Based on interest and abilities, they are provided with training in various disciplines to get some employment in their areas of living or nearby areas. Wherever possible, FTR will organize suitable placement in the vicinity of the villages.

Since the programme is broadbased IFTR also uses the knowledge bank of experts / professionals / local artisans / individuals / collaborating organizaitons to handle the sessions so that the aspirants get trained.

Some of the areas concentrated are

  • Human Resource Development
  • Education & Vocational Training
  • Personality development, communication skills including language
  • Construction - masonry
  • Electrical and Electronics - fittings, repair and maintenance
  • Skill upgradation for agricultural productivity
  • Promoting informal apprenticeship
  • Food products - small scale food production and sales in rural areas
  • Microfinance operations
  • Retail Operations, customer relations
  • Information Technology - DTP, Designing Banners, Posters etc.
  • Repair and Maintenance of engines, automobiles, agricultural machinery
  • Rural Health Promotion