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Entrepreneurship as a new way of livelihood and income generation
Education in the immediate past of Free India made citizens mainly to think of taking jobs. Even here education imparted more of theoretical knowledge and lacked hands-on working vocational skills, thereby leaving many jobless.
It took some time to realize the importance of Entrepreneurship and to wean away from thinking an entrepreneur is born. What makes an entrepreneur different is a passion for innovative something different from what Products and Services used in living our lives, the spirit of independence, risk-taking propensity and ability and not be afraid of Failure.
The above Attitude, Aptitude and characteristics can be developed. D.K. Raju and Sundaram Seshadri are associated with BYST supported by CII, one of the early NGOs to promote awareness, impart ability in creating first generation entrepreneurs. 
Of late, the Government of India has also recognized the importance of Entrepreneurial development, more so during the last five years and introduced policy measures to create an eco-friendly system around Entrepreneur.
There has been a lot of Buzz to make youth to become Job givers through their Business Activity than becoming job seekers.
Emphasis is laid on making Women pursue entrepreneurship either full time or use their leisure time to take up economic activity. In urban areas, they have access to many facilities required. However, it is not so in rural areas. Many an NGOs are now looking at identifying women to impart skills to produce products and provide services and help them to connect to a network of getting finance and marketing products and services. At present not even 10% of entrepreneurs are women. For future growth of GDP, this ratio has to increase to 30%. 
IFTR is planning to take up the Entrepreneurial activity in Mandals or Blocks, study the profile of women, think of skills to be imparted and empower them to create economically gainful activities.
Even on the Global level, almost 70% of new start-ups fail but entrepreneurs take this as learning and move on to become successful.

IFTR both organizes and encourages its members to participate in Entrepreneurship Development programmes organized by various organizations including RGNIYD, BYST, EDI, Tamilnadu and other organizations.